Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Magnum Force (1973)

Directed by Ted Post and starring Clint Eastwood, Hal Holbrook, David Soul, Tim Matheson, 
Kip Niven, Robert Urich and Felton Perry.

Blu-ray bought in 2010
122m 33s

Audio commentary with co-screenwriter John Milius
A Moral Right: The Politics of Dirty Harry (24mins)
The Hero Cop: Yesterday and Today (8mins)
Dirty Harry Trailer Gallery (11mins)

Serpico (1973)

Directed by Sidney Lumet and starring Al Pacino, John Randolph and Jack Kehoe.

DVD bought in 2005

Serpico: From Real To Reel
Inside Serpico
Serpico Favourite Moments
Photo gallery with optional audio commentary by director Sidney Lumet
Theatrical trailer

Mean Streets (1973)

Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel and David Proval.

Special Edition DVD bought in 2005

Audio commentary with Director Martin Scorsese and Actress Amy Robinson
Back On The Block- featurette
Theatrical Trailer

Live and Let Die (1973)

Directed by Guy Hamilton and starring Roger Moore, Yaphet Kotto, Jane Seymour, David Hedison, Gloria Hendry and Clifton James.

Special Edition DVD bought in 2000

2-disc Special Edition DVD bought in 2006

Blu-ray bought in 2012
Part of the 'James Bond Collection'
121m 38s

 2-disc DVD

Blu-ray extras - 

Audio commentary by actor Roger Moore
Audio commentary by director Guy Hamilton and cast and crew
Audio commentary by screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz
Declassified: MI6 Vault
Bond 1973: The Lost Documentary (22mins)
Roger Moore as James Bond, Circa 1964
Live and Let Die' Conceptual Art
Exotic Locations
Inside 'Live and Let Die (30mins)
On Set with Roger Moore: The Funeral Parade
On Set with Roger Moore: Hang Gliding Lessons
Theatrical Archive
Image Database

Enter the Dragon (1973)

Directed by Robert Clouse and starring Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Ahna Capri, Bob Wall, Angela Mao and Shih Kien.

DVD bought in 2000

2-disc Special Edition DVD bought in 2004

Blu-ray bought in 2010

40th Anniversary Collector's Edition Blu-ray bought in 2014
102m 33s




40th Anniversary Blu-ray extras -

Audio commentary with producer Paul M. Heller and screenwriter Michael Allin
Blood and Steel- The Making of Enter the Dragon (30mins)
Curse of the Dragon (87mins)
No Way As Way (26mins)
Wing Chun (20mins)
Return to Han's Island (10mins)
Linda Lee Cadwell Interviews (16mins)
Love And Kung Fu
In His Own Words (19mins)
1973 Archive Featurette
Backyard Workout with Bruce
Theatrical Trailers

Soylent Green (1973)

Directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young, Chuck Connors, Joseph Cotten and Edward G. Robinson.

DVD bought in 2007
96m 47s

Audio commentary with director Richard Fleischer and actress Leigh Taylor-Young
A Look At The World Of Soylent Green
MGM's Tribute To Edward G. Robinson's 101st Film
Theatrical trailer

Westworld (1973)

Directed by Michael Crichton and starring Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin and James Brolin.

DVD bought in 2004
Blu-ray bought in 2015


Theatrical Trailer

Robin Hood (1973)

Directed by Wolfgang Reitherman and starring the voices of Brian Bedford, Monica Evans, 
Phil Harris, Peter Ustinov and Terry-Thomas.

DVD bought in 2005
79m 42s

Robin Hood Art Gallery
Still Gallery
Video Gallery
"Ye Olden Days" animated short
Robin Hood's Merry Games
"Oo-de-lally" sing-along song

American Graffiti (1973)

Directed by George Lucas and starring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Paul Le Mat, Charles Martin Smith, Cindy Williams, Candy Clark and Harrison Ford.

DVD bought in 2003
107m 50s

The Making of American Graffiti (78mins)
Production Notes
Theatrical Trailer