Thursday, 30 April 2015

Pet Sematary (1989)

Directed by Mary Lambert and starring Dale Midkiff, Fred Gwynne, Denise Crosby & Miko Hughes

DVD bought in 2005

No extras

Dead Calm (1989)

Directed by Phillip Noyce and starring Sam Neill, Nicole Kidman and Billy Zane.

DVD bought in 2006

No extras

Sea of Love (1989)

Directed by Harold Becker and starring Al Pacino, Ellen Barkin, John Goodman & Michael Rooker

DVD bought in 2006

Audio commentary by Director Harold Becker
The Creation of Sea of Love (14mins)
Deleted scenes
Theatrical trailer

Field of Dreams (1989)

Directed by Phil Alden Robinson and starring Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, 
Ray Liotta and Burt Lancaster.

DVD bought in 2006
101m 11s

Audio commentary with Philip Alden Robinson and Director of Photography John Lindley
Making of Field of Dreams (90mins)
Shooting Script
Storyboard Designs
Promotional Gallery
Photo Gallery
Production Notes
Theatrical Trailer

Glory (1989)

Directed by Edward Zwick and starring Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, 
Cary Elwes and Andre Braugher.

DVD bought in 2000

Special Edition Blu-ray bought in 2014
122m 14s


Blu-ray extras - 

Audio commentary with director Edward Zwick
The Voices of Glory (11mins)
The True Story of Glory Continues (45mins)
Making Of featurette (8mins)
Deleted Scenes
Virtual Battlefield map

Casualties of War (1989)

Directed by Brian De Palma and starring Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn and John C. Reilly.

DVD bought in 2002
113m 25s

Eriksson's War (19mins)
The Making Of Casualties Of War (31mins)
Deleted scenes
Theatrical trailer

Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

Directed by Oliver Stone and starring Tom Cruise, Kyra Sedgwick, Raymond J. Barry, 
Caroline Kava, Josh Evans, Frank Whaley and Willem Dafoe.

DVD bought in 2005

Blu-ray bought in 2012
144m 08s


Blu-ray extras -

Audio commentary with director Oliver Stone
From NBC News Archives: Backstory on Born on the Fourth of July (22mins)

Black Rain (1989)

Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Michael Douglas, Andy Garcia, Ken Takakura, 
Yusaku Matsuda and Kate Capshaw.

Special Edition DVD bought in 2006
125m 10s

Audio commentary by Ridley Scott.
Black Rain: The Script, The Cast (20mins)
Making The Film (38mins)
Post Production (12mins)
Theatrical Trailer

Road House (1989)

Directed by Rowdy Herrington and starring Patrick Swayze, Ben Gazzara, Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliott, Kevin Tighe and Marshall Teague.

DVD bought in 2002
114m 10s

Theatrical Trailer

An Innocent Man (1989)

Directed by Peter Yates and starring Tom Selleck, F. Murray Abraham, Laila Robins & David Rasche

DVD bought in 2004
113m 31s

No extras

Lock Up (1989)

Directed by John Flynn and starring Sylvester Stallone, Donald Sutherland, John Amos, 
Sonny Landham and Tom Sizemore.

DVD bought in 2003

Making of Lock Up (7mins)
Behind The Scenes Footage (8mins)
Stallone Profile
Cast and Crew Interviews
Photo Gallery
Theatrical Trailer

Tango & Cash (1989)

Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky and starring Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, Jack Palance, 
Brion James and Teri Hatcher,

DVD bought in 2003

Blu-ray bought in 2013
103m 45s


Theatrical Trailer

Lethal Weapon 2 (1989)

Directed by Richard Donner and starring Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, Joss Ackland, 
Derrick O'Connor and Pansy Kensit.

Director's Cut DVD bought in 2000
4-film 5-disc Lethal Weapon Blu-ray Collection bought in 2013
114m 27s


Blu-ray extras -

Audio Commentary with director Richard Donner
Stunts & Action - featurette
Additional Footage
Theatrical Trailer