Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Steamboy (2004)

Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo and starring Anna Paquin, Kari Wahlgren, Patrick Stewart, 
Oliver Cotton and Alfred Molina (English Version).

2-disc Director's Cut DVD Box Set bought in 2006

The Voyage of Steamboy (34mins)
Re-voicing Steamboy (19mins)
Interview with director Katsuhiro Otomo (5mins)
Multi-screen Landscape Study (19mins)
The Adventure Continues
Production Drawings
Animation Onion Skins
Theatrical Trailer

Box Set includes collectible postcards, 164 page booklet containing character designs, mecha designs, selected storyboard sequences, 28 page"Steamboy Manga" in Japanese, reading right to left and with an English translation booklet.

Howl's Moving Castle (2004)

Directed by Hayao Miyazaki and starring Christian Bale, Emily Mortimer, Jean Simmons, 
Lauren Bacall and Billy Crystal (English version)

2-disc Limited Edition DVD bought in 2006
2-disc Blu-ray bought in 2012
119m 08s


Blu-ray extras -

Complete Storyboards as a Multi-Angle presentation
Interview with author Diana Wynne Jones (8mins)
Interview with Peter Docter (8mins)
Hello, Mr. Lasseter! Hayao Miyazaki visits Pixar featurette (16mins)
Explanation of CG: How to Move Howl’s Castle (20mins)
The Sounds of Howl’s Moving Castle (28mins)
Behind the Microphone (9mins)
Theatrical trailers

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence (2004)

Directed by Mamoru Oshii and starring Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Richard Epcar, Crispin Freeman and William Knight (England version)

2-disc Special Edition DVD bought in 2006
Blu-ray bought in 2010


Blu-ray extras -

Audio commentary with Mamoru Oshii and animation director Toshihiko Nishikubo
Making-of featurette (16mins)
Interview with Mamoru Oshii (24mins)

Appleseed (2004)

Directed by Shinji Aramaki and starring Jessica Straus, Jamieson Price, Carolyn Hennesy and 
Cindy Robinson (English version).

2-disc Collector's Edition Steelbook DVD bought in 2005
Blu-ray bought in 2013

 Steelbook DVD


Audio commentary by director Shinji Aramaki and Fumihiko Sori
The Birth of 3D Live Anime (36mins)
Design Galleries
Image Galleries
Appleseed Info
Crew Biographies
Japanese Theatrical Trailers
US Theatrical Trailer

Casshern (2004)

Directed by Kazuaki Kiriya and starring Yusuke Iseya, Kumiko Aso and Toshiaki Karasawa.

2-disc Special Edition DVD bought in 2005

Deleted Scenes (12mins)
Cast & Crew Interviews (34mins)
Theatrical Trailers

Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War (2004)

Directed by Kang Je-gyu and starring Jang Dong-gun,Won Bin and Lee Eun-ju.

2-disc Collector's Edition DVD bought in 2007
142m 10s

Audio commentary by Asian cinema experts Bey Logan and Mike Leeder
Battle Plans (11mins)
Special Operations (12mins)
Honored Dispatches (15mins)
Captains Orders (20mins)
History Through The Lens (18mins)
Brotherhood (18mins)
Tears Of Fire (45mins)
Don't Look Back In Anger (25mins)
Theatrical Trailers

Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (2003)

Directed by Prachya Pinkaew and starring Tony Jaa and Pumwaree Yodkamol.

2-disc Collector's Edition DVD bought in 2005

Audio commentary with Asia film expert Bey Logan
The Cutting Room Floor: 7 Deleted Scenes and Alternate "Happy" Ending
Ong Bak On Tour: Promo tour highlights
The Art of Muay Thai (24mins)
From Dust to Glory: interview with leading-man, Tony Jaa
The Road to Glory: The Making of Ong Bak (77mins)
Rehearsal montage between Tony Jaa and action-consultant, Don Ferguson
The Bodyguard: an exclusive interview with action-consultant, Don Ferguson
Mad Dog: an exclusive interview with co-star, David Ismalone
Pearl Harbour: an exclusive interview with co-star, Erik Markus Sheutz
Theatrical Trailer

New Police Story (2004)

Directed by Benny Chan and starring Jackie Chan, Nicholas Tse, Charlie Yeung and Daniel Wu.

2-disc Collector's Edition DVD bought in 2008

Interview Galleries (38mins)
The Making of New Police Story (16mins)
Behind the Scenes featurettes (57mins)