Monday, 3 August 2015

Sin City (2005)

Directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez and starring Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, 
Clive Owen, Benicio Del Toro, Jessica Alba, Brittany Murphy, Elijah Wood, Nick Stahl, 
Rutger Hauer, Rosario Dawson, Powers Boothe and Josh Hartnett.

2-disc Recut & Extended DVD bought in 2005
2-disc Theatrical & Extended Blu-ray bought in 2010
124mins (133mins) (142mins)

 DVD + Comic Book

DVD & Blu-ray includes Theatrical and Extended Versions of Sin City

2-disc DVD also includes reprint of Sin City comic book "The Hard Goodbye"

Blu-ray extras -
Audio Commentary by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller
Audio Commentary by Robert Rodiguez and Quentin Tarantino
Audio Track of audience reaction in Austin, Texas
Cine-Explore - Picture-in-Picture video commentary
Kill 'Em Good - Interactive Comic Book
How It Went Down: Convincing Frank Miller to Make the Film (6mins)
Special Guest Director: Quintin Tarantino (7mins)
A Hard Top with a Decent Engine: The Cars of Sin City (8mins)
Booze, Broads and Guns: The Props of Sin City (11mins)
Making the Monsters: Special Effects Make-Up  (9mins)
Trench Coats and Fishnets: The Costumes of Sin City (8mins)
15-Minute Flic School (12mins)
All Green Screen Version (12mins)
The Long Take (18mins)
Sin City: Live in Concert (9mins)
10-Minute Cooking School (6mins)
Theatrical Trailer

Elektra (2005)

Directed by Rob Bowman and starring Jennifer Garner, Goran Visnjic, Will Yun Lee, 
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Terence Stamp.

2-disc Director's Cut DVD bought in 2005
Blu-ray bought in 2013
97mins (100mins)


Blu-ray extras -

Audio commentary by director Rob Bowman and editor Kevin Stitt
The Making of Elektra - Part 1: Production (87mins)
The Making of Elektra - Part 2: Post-Production (53mins)
Showdown at the Well: Multi-Angle Dailies
Deleted Scenes
Alternate /Extended Scenes
Elektra: Incarnations (53mins)
Elektra in Greek Mythology (15mins)
Theatrical Trailer 

Batman Begins (2005)

Directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, 
Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman, Cillian Murphy, Tom Wilkinson, Rutger Hauer, Ken Watanabe 
and Morgan Freeman.

2-disc Deluxe Edition DVD bought in 2005
Blu-ray bought in 2009


Blu-ray extras -

Reflections on Writing 'Batman Begins
Digital Batman
Batman Begins' Stunts
Tankman Begins" short film (MTV Movie Awards parody)
Batman - The Journey Begins (14mins)
Shaping Mind and Body (13mins)
Batman - The Tumbler (14mins)
Gotham City Rises (13mins)
Cape and Cowl (8mins)
Path to Discovery (14mins)
Saving Gotham City (13mins)
Genesis of the Bat (15mins)
12 Confidential Files (production notes):
Art Galleries
Theatrical Trailer

King Kong (2005)

Directed by Peter Jackson and starring Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody, Colin Hanks, Thomas Kretschmann, Kyle Chandler, Jamie Bell and Andy Serkis.

2-disc Special Edition DVD bought in 2006
3-disc Deluxe Extended Edition DVD bought in 2006
Blu-ray bought in 2010
187m 37s (200mins)

3-disc DVD


3-disc DVD extras

Audio Commentary by Peter Jackson and Co-Writer/Producer Philippa Boyens
Recreating the Eight Wonder - The Making of King Kong (186mins)
Deleted Scenes (47mins)
The Eight Blunder of the World (19mins)
A Night in Vaudiville (12mins)
King Kong Homage (10mins)
Pre-Visualization Animatics (30mins)
The Present (9mins)
Introduction by Peter Jackson
Conceptual Design Video Galleries (41mins)
Theatrical Trailer
Cinemedia Trailer
Weta Collectibles

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)

Directed by Mike Newell and starring Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, 
Robbie Coltrane, Ralph Fiennes, Michael Gambon, Brendan Gleeson, Jason Isaacs, Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman and Robert Pattinson.

2-disc Special Edition DVD bought in 2006
6-film 7-disc Harry Potter Blu-ray Collection bought in 2010
157m 05s

Harry vs. the Horntail: The First Task (6mins)
In Too Deep: The Second Task (10mins)
The Maze: The Third Task (7mins)
Meet the Champions (13mins)
He Who Must Not Be Named (11mins)
Preparing For the Yule Ball (9mins)
Conversations With the Cast (31mins)
Reflections on the Fourth Film (14mins)
Additional Scenes (10mins)
Theatrical Trailer