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Thursday, 15 October 2015

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)

Directed by Dean DeBlois, and starring Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Cate Blanchett, Djimon Hounsou and Kit Harington.

2-disc 3D Blu-ray bought in 2014
102m 13s

Fishlegs' Dragon Stats (interactive files)
Drago's War Machines (interactive files)
Hiccup's Inventions in Flight (interactive files)
Berk's Dragon World - short (4mins)
Deleted Scenes (12mins)
Image Gallery
Theatrical Trailer
World of DreamWorks Animation (Music Videos)

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Directed by Antoine Fuqua and starring Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, 
Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Cole Hauser, Ashley Judd, Melissa Leo, Dylan McDermott, 
Radha Mitchell and Rick Yune.

Blu-ray bought in 2013
119m 17s

The Epic Ensemble (7mins)
Under Surveillance: The Making of Olympus Has Fallen (12mins)
Deconstructing the Black Hawk Sequence (4mins)
Ground Combat: Fighting the Terrorists (3mins)
Creating the Action: VFX and Design (7mins)
Bloopers (2mins)

Thursday, 17 September 2015

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Directed by Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois and starring Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

2-disc Blu-ray bought in 2010
3-disc 3D Blu-ray bought in 2013
97m 51s

 3D Blu-ray

Audio Commentary by writers/directors Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois 
and producer Bonnie Arnold
The Animator's Corner - Picture-in-Picture feature
Trivia Track
Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon -animated short film (17mins)
Viking-Sized Cast (12mins)
The Technical Artistry of Dragon (10mins)
Deleted Scenes
The Story Behind the Story (8mins)
Racing for the Gold - interactive game
How to Draw a Dragon (11mins)
Your Viking Profile - interactive game
DreamWorks Animation Video Jukebox

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Gamer (2009)

Directed by Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor and starring Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, 
Amber Valletta and Logan Lerman.

Blu-ray bought in 2010
94m 42s

Audio commentary by writers/directors Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine and actors Amber Valletta, Alison Lohman, and Terry Crews
i-Con Mode expanded video commentary by Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine (132mins)
Inside the Game: Controlling 'Gamer (80mins)
Cheat Codes - Dissection Scenes (41mins)

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

RocknRolla (2008)

Directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson, Thandie Newton, Mark Strong, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Toby Kebbell.

DVD bought in 2009
109m 36s

Audio commentary by Guy Richie and Mark Strong
Guy's Town (9mins)
Deleted scene

Monday, 10 August 2015

300 (2006)

Directed by Zack Snyder and starring Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, David Wenham, Dominic West, Michael Fassbender and Rodrigo Santoro.

2-disc Special Edition DVD bought in 2007
The Complete Experience Blu-ray bought in 2009


Blu-ray extras -

Audio commentary by Zack Snyder, co-writer Kurt Johnstad & director of photography Larry Fong
The 300 - Fact or Fiction (25mins)
Who Were the Spartans? The warriors of 300 (5mins)
Preparing for Battle: The Original Test Footage (7mins)
Frank Miller Tapes (15mins)
Making Of 300 (6mins)
Making 300 In Images
12 Webisodes (38mins)
Deleted scenes
Creating the Legend - interactive bonus view feature
Bringing the Legend to Life - interactive bonus view feature
The History Behind the Myth - interactive bonus view feature
Blue-screen and Finished Version comparison - interactive bonus view feature